Hi! I’m Cindy — a designer focused on user experience and product design. I’m currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Visual & Branding Design
a collection of branding, marketing, and print work

Hello! I’m Cindy — a designer focused on user experience and product design. I’m currently based in Atlanta, Georgia.

LAT* Talks: Representation with Trevor Noah
LONG ASS TABLE TALKS – LAT Talks for short – is an interview series featuring people who inspire us with different perspectives. It started out as an internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program, but the eye-opening quality of the conversation made us realize the discussion was worth sharing.
We created a cohesive brand for LAT* Talks, starting with a logo and font pairings for title designs to be used across the series. Using the typography and colors from the existing Expensify brand, we paired Knockout and GT America across multiple designs from episode titles, credits and name titles.

Role: Designer
9 to 5: Winning Justice for Working Women
9to5 is a nonprofit organization fighting for women’s rights in the workplace. With chapters in Colorado, Georgia and Wisconsin, members advocate and build programs around a variety of women’s issues.
The redesign pitch consisted of a rebranding of the non-profit’s homepage, membership pages, and social media content to promote organization events.

Role: Designer
Caring Makes Magic: Montefiore Hospital
Caring Makes Magic: A Holiday Tale – The holidays are magic. And when a young girl’s best friend gets hurt, she dashes to Children’s Hospital at Montefiore Einstein and discovers that caring makes magic, too. ALTO NY created a short film for Montefiore’s 2021 holiday campaign. The film played during the airing of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the campaign spread across both print and social applications.
The print campaign consisted of a full page ad in the New York Times as well as various magazines and billboards in multiple locations including Madison Square Garden.
The QR code leads to caringmakesmagic.org where you can view the short film.

Role: Designer
Talk Stoop: USA Network
Talk Stoop is a television talk show where celebrities join Nessa on a stoop for an intimate interview covering career highlights and life stories. The broadcast reaches 12 million viewers/month and is played on USA Network as well as taxi cabs across the United States.
In updating the Talk Stoop brand, we introduced a bolder, refined color palette and created a flexible system for typography which is shown in the title cards, lower thirds, ad spots and various interviewee introductions. The visual symbol of the stoop is reflected in the stacked animation style as well as the minimal iconography and typography layout.

Role: Designer
Wanderlust Hotel: A Boutique Getaway
Wanderlust Hotel is a boutique destination in Singapore for curious voyagers. It has 29 one-of-a-kind rooms across 4 floors, each designed by a different design studio. With rooms such as "Pantone Yellow" and "Origami", every visit to Wanderlust is unique and unforgettable.
To showcase Wanderlust's somewhat quirky personality, the layout is driven by a signature pink, an asymmetric grid and UI elements that take step out of the conventional. Simple but never boring, the focus is on showing the best of what Wanderlust has to offer the second the user lands on the page.

Role: Designer
The Peabody Awards: Stories That Matter
The George Foster Peabody Awards program honors the most powerful, enlightening, and invigorating stories in television, radio, and online media.
For the 75th year anniversary, we designed various print collateral including menus, step-and-repeat backdrops, digital ads, standing signage and promotional screensavers.

Role: Designer
Dang Foods: Dang, That's Good!
Dang Foods is a Berkeley, California-based food brand that makes “natural” Asian-inspired snacks.
To promote the brand's events and promotions, we created email templates, print collateral, merchandise designs, social media posts, and a website redesign pitch.

Role: Designer
Reshape the Narrative: Losing More Than Face
Due to the stigma in the Asian community and fear of “losing face”, admitting to needing mental care is considered shameful to their families and consequently, to themselves. Language barriers as well as economic struggles also hinder them. Overall, there are few resources available and rarely do they take cultural factors into consideration.
Reshape the Narrative’s logo is built from the idea of reshaping Asian American views on mental health using stories from the community. The color palette was chosen to be calm and trusting. The identity utilizes a dotted grid, with elements from the logo spreading randomly across the grid, to visualize reshaping and relocation.

Role: Designer
Email Campaigns: Overview
Emails designed for various campaigns.

Role: Designer

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